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A Few Answers 

We don't have them all -- but as a community, and if we want to see this, we can work them out.

This starts with a few people trying to do something for the community. Not everyone will like this idea, and that's okay. Maybe it's not the RIGHT idea for Boise. One thing that seems to be happening is that people are growing apart, at odds, alone. We hope to create a place where all aspects of the project are inclusive.
The preliminary design plans are intended to engage the public. To voice concerns, provide ideas to shape the project, and to give everyone a chance to be a part of the way this project becomes reality.
We will build only what is funded, starting with the central stage and sculptures and work outward. The representation is the "final" goal (though the public may shape this further).

A high level overview

  • We want this to be community owned, operated, and guided - that includes all the building projects, the technology and innovation, the operations, the public relations, the educational opportunities, the gardening and design. All of it. If you feel you have the desire to make something work, you should participate

  • This is a concept, it will take the community to solidify

  • We have some funding for part of the project, but it will depend on what people actually want to fund and who wishes to give to this project. You do not have to fund anything to participate

  • This is not meant to replace existing spaces, like our wonderful botanical garden or to conflict with JUMP. It is meant to add and enhance them, hopefully work with them if they'll lend us their support. It offers additional ways for Boise to nurture art, science, and tech

  • We don't have land picked out -- obviously we have preferences, but our community would need to agree where to put this

  • Parking -- We believe buying buses, a trolley or two, or some other method to get people to the space is best. Keep traffic out of congested areas

  • The project is intended to give money back into the community and to nurture and grow Boise, not profit and send the money out of state. To be clear, it is a for-profit LLC right now, but we want to be transparent and money that comes in should go back out to the people creating the space and the creative soul of the city

  • The intent is to form a 501(c)3 for the top layer (possibly also a B-Corp), along with several LLC's to have flexibility in earning profits and paying local people. This will be things like a coffee shop and restaurant, which should be run and operated separately. 

  • The intent is to provide multiple methods for participants to enjoy and marvel at the many creative aspects, the performances, the gardens, and even the art parades and expos. This revenue will pay locals living wages, help expand the center and offerings, and go into programs and grants for continuous evolution and change, keeping the space interesting and engaged with the community. 

  • The project will incorporate diversity and culture. Inclusion is a key aspect. We hope to reach underserved communities, refugees, and knit together a more inclusive region. 

  • Design plans include multiple strong revenue sources and concepts that are built into the project, allowing ongoing funding that should be greatly in excess of expenses. 

  • Trust by the community must be earned and sustained, which partially means being transparent with finances and ensuring all voices are heard. Fundamentally, we would like to adopt the habit of saying "we can't do that..." and replace it with "how can you work with us to make that happen?" When people come together to offer a solution, rather than just point out a problem, every effort should be made to honor that line of thinking.  

Welcome to The Gardens of Xanadu

Here is how we start

  • Continue to find funding sources and sponsors

  • Build the light sculptures and the performance and event stage

  • Secure land appropriate for this venture

  • Work out transport/parking plan to prevent congestion in any area where this is deployed -- trolley or bus system to the center

  • Develop online interactivity (programming the lights from anywhere -- submitted plans, not real-time). 

  • Build the main dome

  • Depending on funding, start plans for adjunct domes

  • Add programs and events, along with classes

  • Work with similar spaces and programs to enhance and grow their benefits to the citizens and guests of Boise

  • Together, as a community, guide the space forward toward what makes it the best fit for Boise

  • Inclusiveness 

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