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Key Aspects
  • Community Involvement and Ownership 

  • Education and Programs

  • Inclusion and Outreach

  • Diversity and Culture

  • Art and Creativity

  • Tech and Science

  • Continuous Change and Growth

  • Adaptation to Community Needs

  • Performance and Events

  • Civic Responsibility and Leave no Trace

The Amphitheater - A key component

  • Possibly this might interest the Shakespeare Festival, The Philharmonic, Ballet Idaho, and other performance groups. 

  • Provides an inside "Outside" stage in a 4.5 acre tropical bio dome for year-round enjoyment. A park in the center for standing and seating. 

  • Music and celebratory events possible

  • Adjuncts 

    • Farmer's Market​

    • Garden to Table Restaurant

    • Local Product Store(s)

    • Local Bar/Brewery/Winery

    • Educational Facilities

    • Cultural Spaces

    • Entertainment Spaces

    • Terrain and Adventure components

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 9.15.32 AM.png

General Proposal of 15-40 acres

The grand plan would be to create a 4.5 acre dome (500' diameter), which could house the performance center and stage (depicted here as a rectangle). The performance center might be a key piece and grow to accommodate. 

The center would be a park with interactive works. The periphery would be tropical gardens, water features, and terrain to hike and levels to explore. 

The additional domes should be available for community education, arts, sciences, tech, creative endeavors, and cultural events. Expositions and outreach programs. 

The community gardens, greenhouses, and display or specialty gardens should also allow for changes and needs. 

The goal here is to blend community input, existing educational institutions, and programs that might like greater space to get on board and benefit. 

Original Concept Art

(to see the evolution)

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