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OpalEssence Rebuild Donation Site


We are rebuilding an iconic piece of art that was built for temporary display in 2012. OpalEssence will be permanently housed inside a 44 foot geodesic dome. The dome is in place and is covered and in the process of climate controls. The dome is located at Xanadu in Boise. If the Gardens of Xanadu becomes a reality, it will be moved to that location (also in Boise) and be a part of larger collection of sculpture art. 

OpalEssence is being rebuilt with white ash for its pale, nearly white coloration and great strength. The sculpture will be coated in a wood epoxy to be impervious to UV light and to protect against staining or water (even though it will be enclosed in the dome). 

We seek to raise $11,500 to construct the project. Lighting and design will come after and will be a separate fundraiser. It will be built as funds come in, not just if we reach the goal. We already have $4010 in donations and have some options for matching funds. That means, we have purchased some of the lumber and are going to start cutting the first pieces soon. 

Having built this before, we know how it is done. Your donation can help us get there. 

All donors and their gifts will be listed here, and we will include that list next to the completed project. Donors absolutely have the right to privacy and may opt out of being thanked publicly. 

You can donate using the above donate button on the site (please indicate that your donation is for OpalEssence). Or you can Venmo given the QR code below. 

Thank you so much for helping make something incredible come back to life and go on permanent display in Boise. 

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