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When complete, MesmerElda will be a 40' + tall and 46' wide structure, with tens of thousands of LEDs, laser cut panels, two spiral staircases to get into the one-way mirrored room, and a user sound and light experience. 

Please consider supporting this project with donations or through the purchase of items.

Full Scultpure

A rough concept draft of the entire structure, when and if 

we complete it. The entire community art piece is a multi-year experience that is about 1/4 complete. Not depicted are structural support curved steel and two spiral staircases. 

Not apparent is that the upper area would be one-way mirrored polycarbonate, so the outside would appear as a silver reflected pod, while the inside would be entirely see-through. 

Phase 1 Rings

The first four rings are completed. Laser cut depictions of tribal animals, chakras, and astrology signs. Each ring has a double layer of panels (mirrored on either side) and 1800 LEDs per ring, making the current LED count 7200 individually addressable. The project is meant to provide the community with a chance to work with metal, automotive painting techniques, welding, plasma cutting, and LED programming. It will be permanently installed at 5015 W. Bond in front of our new community coffee space and next to the bio dome. 

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