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An event center housed in a botanical garden. 

The proposed concept houses a tropical botanical garden, a performance stage, educational facilities, restaurant/bar/coffee shop, movement, art, creativity center, and a method to give the schools a place to bolster their art and science programs.


Gardens of Xanadu is meant to be inclusive, diverse, and offer cultural opportunities to our region.

This concept is meant to be a foundation on which to start a conversation for all of us. Ideas and input are not only welcome, they are encouraged. Building this will mean finding support. Financially, materially, and emotionally. That's how you can help. 


Something for Everyone

Year-round event space

A large stage in the heart of a tropical garden, under the moon and stars. For music, theatrical, and informational events.

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Interactive Light Sculptures

Responsive to the music, programmable by the public

There are 5 concepts to start. With a plan to add more on a consistent basis, making it an ever-changing space. 


Gardens, creative spaces, learning center

A place to create art, explore, learn, and spaces for dance, yoga, and other movement arts. Science spaces. Tech events and opportunities. Cultural events, exhibits, and opportunities to grow ideas.