Suggestions from the community

Note: Earlier discussions were not something I kept good source records about. I have worked to ensure credit goes to every person who brings in an idea. Which is important when a community is helping create something. 

"What would be really cool is to include space for refugees and others to grow things and have a way to get them to market" -- Stacy Wallace

"Instead of buses and trolleys, it would be really fun to have art cars. A big dragon, a Spanish galleon, maybe a whale. They could transport people from off-site parking. They could handle ticket entry on the art car and then not wait in line. Just drive right into the park. You could even have a bar or something for adult transport. And then a wristband, so anyone could jump on a departing vehicle anytime they want. Lockers at the site for people who need to store strollers or whatever." -- Steve Owings

"I think there would be a way to fit in programs for the suicide hotline and other mental health." -- Wade Beus

"A community garden space where people could learn how to grow their own food. Include things like kids programs and teach about soil and other concepts." -- Mary Johnson

"What a great way for gardeners to come together! You could have groups responsible for display gardens. Let the community work on some of the areas. Greenhouses and food production would be good. Let the people come and learn how to grow all kinds of things and have a space to work together." -- Ben Trieu

"I could see so much here, but mostly the inclusion of community and art. You could have parades of puppets, displays throughout, statuary and sculptures, interactive pieces. The park could change all the time. A black light forest. Oh! Maybe even fireflies if they would be allowed." -- Source of discussion forgotten

"I'd love to see a way for the community to be able to put all their creativity on display in a sort of mixed-in shopping market. And place for garden to plate food to be served, all local to the center." -- Source of discussion forgotten

"If there are spaces to build, couldn't you do robotics classes, lego builds, and other fun maker stuff? That would be really amazing for the kids and parents." -- Source of discussion forgotten